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10 keys to getting functionality in your little kitchen


Homes are becoming smaller and smaller, so kitchen are therefore also taking up less room. But if you know how to make the most of this space, this doesn’t have to be a disadvantage.

If you haven’t worked out how to do it yet, we have some tips that will help make your small kitchen more functional, whilst keeping the style you are looking for.


Make the most of the wall height

There are always objects that we don’t use very often, so we don’t need to keep them to hand. So make the most of the height of your kitchen and fit units that reach the very top. Shelves or drawers that are very high can be used for these kinds of objects, and you can use the rest of the space for objects you use everyday.

Functional spaces

When a kitchen is small each corner is essential, so make the most of them all to gain extra storage space. You can even make the most of skirting boards to fit drawers, or remove them altogether and fit drawers that reach the ground.

Made-to-measure furniture

There are standard units available in the market to help us get a cheaper kitchen, but their measurements are not always adapted to the space of the room. This is why if you want to make the most of every last millimetre, it is important to combine these units with some fitted ones.

Double-function shelving

Get double the use out of your kitchen shelving by placing objects on top and fitting bars and hooks underneath for hanging objects, kitchen utensils, kitchen roll, cling film, etc.

Small hobs

Every last centimetre counts in small kitchens, so we have to use them all. A worthwhile tip in these cases is to fit two-ringed hobs, giving you an extra 30 cm of counter-top.

The surface colour

If you choose shiny or satin surfaces for your kitchen, using metallic, lacquered or satin finishes, you will let the light reflect off them and expand the visual space of your kitchen. Optically you will get the feeling that your kitchen is bigger than it actually is.

Sinks under the window

It seems logical, but as you can’t fit high shelves over the window, remember you can always place your sink under it.

Space for small kitchen appliances

Microwave, coffee machine, toaster, blender… Choose one of your kitchen units and plan the space so as to position various plugs in this area and fill it with all of your small kitchen appliances to make the most of this space.

Keep order

Order is the most important element of your kitchen. If everything is in the right place and you have as few elements as possible, you will make your kitchen more functional and it will give a greater feeling of space.

Panelled kitchen appliances

This solution will unify the aesthetics of your kitchen appliances and will create a uniform space.


Without a doubt, these are just some of the tricks that will make a kitchen more functional and give the impression of more space. Try them out on your small kitchen and make the most of your space!

Photos: XEY