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Know how to use kitchen appliances correctly


We have discovered the best options for keeping a kitchen in optimum condition, with items that adapt best to us and our tastes, but are we using them properly?

A large part of energy consumption in a home is generated in the kitchen, meaning we should keep it under control.

We know how each kitchen appliance works but it is also important to know how to make the most out of them in terms of functionality, and to understand them properly so as to generate as little expenditure as possible.


Purchasing a new kitchen appliance

This gives you the chance to update its energy efficiency and make your choice accordingly. Whenever you can, choose kitchen appliances with an A+++ rating. Despite being more expensive, you will save as you use them and you will pollute less. Remember that these appliances should only be renewed when they are truly worn out, not because you fancy a change or because they are out of fashion.


The fridge

Adjust the temperature of your fridge to the climate. Increase the temperature when it is cold and lower it when it is hot. The fridge should remain between 3 and 5 degrees and the freezer between -18 and -15. To ensure that the cold is kept in, only open the door when necessary and for as short a time as possible, and don’t put hot foods inside. Likewise, when de-frosting foods, keep them in the fridge and you will help keep the temperature down.


When it comes to cooking

Always use the right hob for the recipient you are using; always use a lid whenever the cooking technique allows it; and use a pressure cooker for long cooking times to save both time and energy.


The oven

When you are going to use the oven, make the most of its heat to cook other things at the same time, or at least one after another. And of course, avoid opening the oven during the cooking process, as around 20% of the heat is lost and more energy is needed to recover the temperature.


These are simple tricks that will both help you save on electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Try them out! They are easy to stick to!


Photos: XEY