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Legal Notice

This section contains the terms and conditions under which Grupo Mobiliario del Urola, hereinafter “GMU S.L.”, offers the information contained on its website. If you do not accept or do not agree with all the terms and conditions specified here, please leave our website as remaining on the site will imply acceptance.


Data that appears concerning our employees, customers, suppliers or any other data appearing in it should be treated confidentially.GMU S.L. guarantees that the strictest checks will be run on computerised processing of its customers and suppliers’ personal data in accordance with the legislation in force in Spain.


Through this notification, GMU S.L. informs its website users on its personal data protection policy, so that they can expressly, freely and voluntarily decide whether to provide GMU S.L. with their personal data as requested on the website for the purposes indicated in the GMU S.L. Privacy Policy.

Purpose and need

Users are informed that when they fill in the forms, their data will be included in a computer file held and managed by GMU S.L. and it will be processed for the aforementioned purpose.

GMU S.L. demonstrates that it meets the standard on Personal Data Protection, particularly Organic Law 15/1999 dated 13th December and other regulations in force. For the purposes of exercising their access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights, users could request them in writing, attaching a copy of their ID document, from GMU S.L. Bº de Oikina s/n 20750 Zumaia (Gipuzkoa) or to the email address lopd@xey.es attaching a copy of their ID document in all cases. Unless specifically established to the contrary, it will be considered necessary to complete all the data required in the forms. In the event of not providing all the data believed to be necessary, GMU S.L., depending on the case, will not register the user, or will not deal with the request for information or specific service. The user should fill in the forms with true, exact, complete and updated information, answering to any damage that might be caused if not.


If you are under age, previous consent is required from your parents or guardians before including your personal data on the website forms.

Security measures and duty to secrecy

GMU S.L. has adopted the technical and organisational security measures for data protection required by the standard in order to prevent unauthorised altering, loss, processing or access.

Personal access code

Should you be offered the chance to create a personal access code (password) to be able to enter a restricted area, you shall be the only person who can use it, and consequently responsible for all activities carried out using this code. For this reason, select characters that are not easy to identify and keep them secret. Providing, using or attempting to decipher another person’s password or for other unauthorised people is considered to be a serious violation of Safety Standards.

Information accuracy

GMU S.L. does not guarantee that the information contained here is exact or complete. Under no circumstances is the entity responsible for any direct or indirect loss caused as a consequence of a decision made based on information provided here. The content on this page can be changed or withdrawn without prior warning. In the same way, the company can make improvements or changes to the products, services or programmes at any time and without prior warning.

Intellectual property

You can quote or refer to information provided on this page and you can make a copy of the contents as long as it is for your exclusive, individual use. In any case, you should request express authorisation when you wish to distribute it to other people. In the event that you are offered the possibility to connect with other places on the internet outside our organisation, internet users are exclusively responsible for entering these links as they are not under our control so we cannot guarantee their quality, accuracy or adaptation. In no way can it be considered that these links are an extension of our website. We do not share points of view expressed in them and have no relation to the products or services provided or sold by them. Any question relating to them should be sent to the owners of these pages. However, if you see any information in them that might contravene the law, the dignity of any people, racial groups, etc. please let us know by sending an email to the address given in the previous point in order to study whether to eliminate the link. Visitors should take due precautions to make sure that anything they select is free of viruses or any other type of destructive or contaminating programmes. IN NO CASE IS GMU S.L. RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, CASUAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS CAUSED BY THE USE OF THIS PAGE OR ANY LINK MADE TO OTHER PAGES OR PLACES FROM IT.

GMU S.L. does not consider itself responsible for any damage resulting from correct or incorrect use of this website, or the information it contains.

Validity of these Stipulations or norms

If, due to any legal arrangement or Court decision, any of the rules contained in these sections does not meet the law, the rest of the unaffected terms and conditions will remain valid for all purposes.