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Because cooking is the reason we are here, at Xey we want the act of preparing your speciality dishes to become a unique and enriching experience.

Hummus: not just another superfood

It is clear that we are increasing eating foods that are in fashion. But what if we stop consuming them just because they are trendy… [...]

Importing traditional festive foods

Seafood, thistle, nougat and of course grapes are some foods that are essential on Spanish New Year’s Eve dinner tables. But what about the traditions… [...]

7 reasons you should become a Sushi addict

It is nothing new to hear that the Japanese food – sushi – has become one of the most popular foods in the world. Its… [...]

Enjoy seasonal foods

Even though we are quickly tiring of the cold months that we craved in summer, autumn brings us many other things that we can’t get… [...]

Seasonal mushroom rolls

This time we are preparing mushroom rolls, which are perfect for serving up as a starter or for special occasions. They are very creamy and… [...]

(ES) Coulant de chocolate

Coulant is a French dessert, and is characterised with its melted chocolate at the heart of the cake, which pours out and onto the plate… [...]

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