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Los consejos de decoración de Alex

Alex’s decoration tips

Ideas for decorating your kitchen and for transforming it into a more pleasant and welcoming space.

10 keys to getting functionality in your little kitchen

Homes are becoming smaller and smaller, so kitchen are therefore also taking up less room. But if you know how to make the most of… [...]

Decorate your festive table with style!

Don’t you get the feeling that Christmas is already in the air? Very special days are approaching and magical moments will fill our home, so… [...]

Ideas to light your kitchen

Do you feel your kitchen lacks light and you don’t know where to start? We’re sure that our ideas will give you the help you… [...]

Ideas for creating an American kitchen

Recent kitchen fashion trends are much easier to achieve than you think. There are many options that go much further than creating a single space,… [...]

Back to white!

The time when white was not used “because it got very dirty” is now in the past, and we are stepping into a phase in… [...]

How to choose your decorating style

Do you ever feel your choice of furniture, decorations and living room ornaments lacks consistency? Sometimes, keeping the same decorating style throughout the same room… [...]

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