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Over its 40 years of history, many different people from all over the world have placed their trust in Xey. An international company, committed to the beauty, quality, convenience, safety and durability of its product: kitchens.

Today, Xey is continuing with its expansion and consolidation strategy abroad, strengthening its markets and adapting its designs and distribution system to meet the needs of its customers throughout the world.


‘Enjoy your kitchen’ Philosophy

At Xey, we are aware that the kitchen is the most important place in your home, a place that is host to the most moving stories. That’s why we always do out utmost to create kitchens that deserve to be lived in. Unique spaces, full of warmth and comfort, adapted to your requirements and tastes, yet still focussed on design and functionality.

By our way of thinking, you’re the star of the show. For this reason we adapt our products to suit your daily life, based on quality, accessibility and innovation. All this to offer you the ultimate in kitchens.

Because at Xey we create kitchens to be lived in, so enjoy living your kitchen with us.


The environment

At Xey, one of our company goals is to improve and to continue to develop our commitment to the environment and respect for our natural surroundings.

With this aim in mind, our work is focussed on creating kitchens with eco-friendly, sustainable designs. Increased emphasis is placed on all these values, which govern all our daily production processes.