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The kitchens of celebrities


All famous people have kitchens, but some kitchen become famous.

The AD magazine features 5 kitchens with a whole lot of personality that you absolutely have to see!

Gerard Butler


The actor’s Manhattan loft is fitted with this beautiful kitchen. Curiously enough, the cabinets were made with the left-over pieces of the materials used to make the flats.


Will Ferrell


One of the funniest men around today has a pretty fun kitchen to match. In contrast to this sophisticated decoration is the Liechtenstein lithograph.


Giada de Laurentiis


Any decent chef would die to have this kitchen. The touches of steel that gleam out between the black and white of this designer kitchen give a modern and clean feel.


Diane Keaton


A small space in her Californian home, which clearly does not go unnoticed. With a vintage feel thanks to the tiles, and its 50s-style chrome range, this is one of the most special kitchens you will ever see.


John Legend


Wood and brown tones accompanied by hanging lights, bar stools and a uniquely designed table. An open and bright space that is no doubt the envy of many.

What do you think? Could these be used to inspire your home?

Photos: RevistaAD